creating concept in conveX
Creating Concept in ConveX.

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Experienced Eminent and Expert IGCSE IB Mathematics Online Tutor .My name is Mr Y K Reddy . I am a full-time Maths Teacher/Tutor with master’s degree and have more than 16+ years of tutoring experience in IGCSE IB Math at all levels. I am Subject Expert patient, friendly, Motivated and give highly organized and efficient lessons. I love math and enjoy spending time with my students.My Teaching “Inspires Young Minds “I believe that Every child is unique and every student have their own potentiality and creativity. I teach to the students with basics and concepts from the beginning each topic.

I feel that practice makes a Math perfect I can assure to make a difference in your child’s progress. I am giving my Best n Experience and Expertise Teaching all country 5th to 12th classes students .I am a full-time mathematics tutor offering a personalized service. I have in-depth knowledge of mathematics. How to get basics and concepts across to students. I also offer online tuition using Skype for IB Math HL, Math SL, Math studies or for AP level Math or A/AS levels Math or for IGCSE Math Core, extended Or IGCSE International Math.Online Skype Math Tutor for IGCSE Mathematics (0580), IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606), and IGCSE International Mathematics (0607) for more information please ad my Skype: ykreddy22    .I teach to the students with basics and concepts from the beginning each topic. I feel that “Practice makes a Math perfect “I can assure to make a difference in your Childs progress.I helped many students dramatically improved their academic performances. I am offering online tutoring services for students all over the world.. Normally I will let students send me questions or topics they feel difficult before the class, then I will prepare individually tailored classes for each of my students. In this way, the class is high efficient and students can learn more in less tutoring sessions. 

Online tutoring has following features: 

1. We can talk, see and hear each other using Skype, which makes it no different from face to face tutoring. 

2. Online interactive whiteboard lets us write on the same “page,” just like sitting side by side and writing on the same piece of paper during an in-person tutoring session.

Cambridge IGCSE  CIE
1.IGCSE  (1112)Check point Math tutor               
2.IGCSE (0580)Extented mathematics tutor
3.IGCSE (0607)additional maths tutor
4.IGCSE (0606)International mathematics tutor
5.IGCSE (0626) Mathematics (UK) tutor
6.IGCSE (0444) mathematics (BES,US) tutor
7.IGCSE CIE O levels ( 4037) additional mathematics tutor
8.IGCSE CIE O levels (4024) mathematics D tutor
9.IGCSE (9709) A,AS levels tutor
1.Edexcel IGCSE and Edexcel GCSE tutor
2.Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics A (4MA0) tutor
2.Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics B (4MB0) tutor
3. Edexcel IGCSE Pure Mathematics (4MP0) tutor
4. Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A(1MA0) tutor
5. Edexcel GCSE Mathematics B( 5MB0) tutor
    IB curriculum 
1.IB PYP mathematics Tutoring 
2.IB MYP mathematics Tutoring 
3.IBDP HL mathematics Tutoring 
4.IBDP SL mathematics Tutoring 
5.IBDP Studies mathematic Tutoring                                                                                  


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